utah native living near the mountains with those i love.
photo taker;
journaling life through the lens of my camera, with a pencil in hand.
lover of beautiful things and pretty words.


  1. we don't know each other.. But I wish I knew you. I seriously just stalked you for a solid hour and can't get over how adorable you are. Not only are you beautiful, but your testimony is incredible. The way you've handled cooper's passing is remarkable & basically I've decided I wish we were best friends. Keep on keepin on because girl, you are an inspiration.
    Much love,
    Josee Edwards :)

  2. you are beautiful. i'm so happy to have found your blog - happily following along from now on! :-)
    timothy + ariana

  3. I love your blog! and you sang on sunday beautifully! Im in your stake in Provo! Anyway I was wondering what you shoot with? Im thinking about switching to canon someday and am interested in your camera body and lenses! Love your style!

    Madi Montgomery


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